Collects and Prayers

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A Collect for the 11th Week after Pentecost

Pure and Holy Lord, who turns even evil so that it might be made a blessing to your people, do not let us waste our time with useless exercises that never reach our hearts, but reveal to us the sin we already carry in those hearts, and give us faith so that we might be made clean on the inside, through you who died and was raised and lives forever in glory with the Father and Holy Spirit. Amen. Joseph Receiving His Father and Brothers in Egypt by Jan de Bray #Collect #Joseph

A Collect for the 10th Week after Pentecost

Gentle Teacher, who comes to us in ways we do not always expect, we confess to you that we are sometimes afraid, and that we make choices that harm ourselves because of it. Help us to fix our eyes on you so that we can stay on top of the water, even while the waves are fierce and the wind threatens to cut us down. We ask this in your name, who rules from Heaven with the Father and Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen. Joseph Sold into Slavery by his Brothers by Karoly Ferenczy #Collect #Joseph

A Collect for the 9th Week after Pentecost

Mighty One, who struggles with us and blesses us, give us endurance to carry on as we wrestle with you and with our own hearts, and give us courage to hold on to you even when we are weak and in trouble, that we might receive your blessing and find it multiplying to provide for much more than we thought possible, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit live perpetually in glory. Amen. Jacob Wrestling with the Angel by Eugene Delacroix #Collect #jacob #WrestlingwithGod

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