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A Collect for Trust in God's Provision

Gracious God, who understands our fears and insecurities, reassure us when our positions and treasures are threatened, that we would trust in your care for us and bring our desires and values into alignment with yours, knowing that you will provide the things we need at the right time, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives in perfect love with the Father and Holy Spirt. Amen.

'When King Herod heard this, he was frightened, and all Jerusalem with him.' - Matthew 2:3

Is there something you fear you may lose? What's your natural response to that threat? Is it to cling to it? To fight for it? To crumble and give up in despair? Is it difficult to trust that God is present even in this potential loss? What do you need from him to deal with such a loss, and can you ask him for it?

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